Headquartered in Ohio, LANCETEC is one of the leading global suppliers for dynamic measurement instruments. Our core components include vibration acceleration sensors; signal conditioners; data acquisition software and hardware development; and production and application. LANCETEC products consist of lab measurement and long-term industrial site monitoring systems, which include vibration, strain, temperature, voltage, etc. These can be widely used in aviation, automotive, railway, architecture, oil field and electricity, and they provide the accurate and reliable data for performance analysis, modeling demonstration, industrial control, manufacturing optimization and safety monitoring.
For many years, LANCETEC has concentrated and continuously improved the sensor and testing technology research. Our main focus lies in improving product performance, function, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Remaining in the frontline is our product and technology level.
Whether it is completing testing system, or mounting small screws, LANCETEC has adopted the latest industry technology for each product design and manufacturing, and has executed a strict process to ensure that users are provided with high-quality products and fast delivery time. In addition, our design engineers, who have rich product development and customer support experience, design, develop and manufacture products according to their clients’ needs, and provide tailored products to meet the specific indicators and environmental conditions.
We provide the following:
  • Product: LANCETEC products have quality and reliability. For example: sensors, signal conditioners, data acquisition and analysis software—each product has passed a strict test, and can provide lifelong quality assurance.
  • System: LANCETEC fully considers the design specifications and systematics of a product, which can be built with a complete test system that has the flexibility to meet a users’ actual testing requirements.
  • Solution: LANCETEC not only provides products, but also an innovative technology with advanced solutions—one implemented by our senior engineers to ensure that a user can focus on his/her core business, instead of worrying about operation and maintenance equipment.
  • High cost-effectiveness
Technical service:
LANCETEC's top priority is customer satisfaction. We engineers have become experts from many years of testing experience—helping users correct/select a sensor and signal conditioner for their data acquisition equipments, building special test requirements for a client’s test systems and solutions, and providing all-round support services, which include training, software customization, maintenance, repair, etc.